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Metaphorical associative cards

Rarog's Gifts

(based on my own paintings)


There are 36 cards in a deck (80x110mm) + instruction  in English, Polish and Russian. 

MAC cards are created for anyone interested in personal development.

Metaphorical associative cards (also called MAC for short) are not a new direction in psychology, they are not a projective method, they are an effective and versatile tool in working with the subconscious.


There are different ways of using the cards.

This is one of the most popular way how to work with MAC cards:

1. Focus on the question
2. Draw a card.
3. Look at the picture.  Your first association is actually the answer.
4. Now you can dispel the topic by delving into the story that the image tells you.

5. The cards do not have specific meanings, each association is unique and individual.  Each time the same image will have a different meaning, depending on the situation, your mood or circumstances. 


MAC cards will help you better understand yourself, your feelings, and the motives for your actions.


Pierwsze ułożenie Twoich magicznych kart!!! Prawdziwie magicznych !!!

Tak. Naprawdę są bardzo pomocne. Czekały kilka dni na swój moment. Poczułam, że chcę po nie sięgnąć i się nie zawiodłam 🙂

Baaardzo to jest ciekawe !! Ogromnie Ci dziękuję 🙏"

Jestem bardzo wdzięczna I szczęśliwa, że" "Dary Raroga" tak dobrze działają.
Niech przynoszą szczęście i szybkie rozwiązywanie problemów ♥️♥️♥️

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