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This artistic project is based on Tarot cards. It was inspired by Leonora Carrington, a famous Surrealism artist and writer.


The exhibition is a set of textile sculptures made in the author's technique. Each of them shows one of the Major Arcana Tarot cards. My sculptures clearly depict Tarot cards. The Magician, the Priestess and the Priest, the Emperor or the Hermit will lead each Wanderer as a Fool - a mythical hero - through the next stages of life, showing him the importance of love and hate, humility and pride, truth and lies, freedom and slavery. I created these characters by working with Tarot cards - creating card arrangements, meditating, using my own metaphorical system. The unique design combines elements of art and magic, creating a surreal and mysterious atmosphere.


The idea of this project was to show the wisdom and symbolism of Tarot, to demonstrate my own vision of the cards and to demonstrate how effectively Tarot can be used to understand and solve the problems. Thanks to Tarot, we can recognize which symbols influence us, which emotions they evoke and how to deal with them.


The project was presented in Prague at the DollPrague 2023 International Exhibition.

Photos by Oleksandr Poliakovsky

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